"Rushing Over" [9 x 12 in]

"Rushing Over" [9 x 12 in]

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I love working on watercolor paper because there is so much freedom as the ink pools, spills and runs. This piece just came together so quickly, like it was meant to be. It reminds me of a rushing river, waterfall, or even storm clouds rolling in with its deep indigo, cobalt blues and stormy but soft gray tones.

acrylic paint, machine embroidery, pastels, colored pencils, and mixed media on watercolor paper.

9" x 12" on watercolor paper

You can purchase the artwork alone for your own matting and framing OR you can purchase it already matted and conveniently ready to fit into a standard size 16" x 20" frame OR purchase it completely framed and ready to hang in a Blick Essentials White Wood Frame.

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