Meet Deeann

I am a contemporary artist working with mixed media, acrylic, and abstraction.

I am drawn to mixed media because you can draw and paint simultaneously, switching from one medium to another as each layer transforms the piece.  I love the juxtaposition of luscious brush strokes with carefree chalk contours and subtle colored pencil lines.

In all of my paintings, I use a sewing technique called free-motion machine embroidery on top of painted papers and then incorporate those papers as collage. I love the way the stitched lines sit on top of the layered paint forms, embellishing each piece with texture and delicate lines.

I am drawn to the tactility that sewing adds to the painting process. The nature of thread is strong but intricate; embroidery is permanent with the appearance of fragility.

Artist Bio

I grew up in Texas and am grateful to have parents who encouraged both of their artistic children to dream big. They nurtured our creative gifts and now my brother is a full time musician and I get to create everyday in my studio.

I went to Memphis College of Art and loved every minute of school; I couldn't get enough! I was a painting major and always loved mixed media and collage. I took several surface design classes, where I learned machine embroidery and sewing techniques. After school when I began working abstract, I combined these two techniques and found my own creative voice.

I live in Nashville, TN with my husband who is a songwriter, musician, and producer and our sweet baby girl. My in-home studio is bright and full of natural light, and my favorite place to be. I am always working on a few paintings at a time- some days are for messy beginnings, other days are for more refined finishing touches


Most days you can find me

making a mess on the floor as I begin with big brush strokes and fluid washes, sewing on works in progress or adding finishing touches to the next piece that will hit the shop.